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Riverview Ice House in Rockford Now Expected to Survive

WIFR TV reported the Rockford Park District Board of Commissioners decided to renovate Riverview Ice House, rather than close it. This decision came after an outpouring of support from the local hockey community, including a Change.org petition signed by almost 1,000 people.

RinkAtlas previously reported on the plan to close Riverview and consolidate rink operations at Carlson Ice Arena.

Rockford Park District Seeking $6 Million to Offset Renovation Costs

One of the outcomes of the Hockey Community’s lobbying efforts are that Rockford Park District believes that it can raise $6 million to modernize and renovate Riverview Ice House, so it will not have to

Jay Sandine, Rockford Park District Executive Director, reportedly said, “We love Riverview Ice House and are proud of the heavy investment the District has made over the years in the heart of the city and downtown Rockford. We would love to keep Riverview Ice House open for generation after generation to enjoy. This facility is an important part of our history, and remains a priority today but we need help so we can have strong neighborhoods and strong facilities for years to come.”

Thanks to Frank Casalena for pointing out this important update.